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General Guideline

Registration is divided into two steps: "Submit information" and "activate user name", the whole process takes only two minutes.

1. Enter an email address that you usually use to activate your account.

2. Set a password.

3. Read the "Registration Agreement" carefully and click the "Submit Registration" button after agreeing to the terms.

4. Complete the registration.

Refer to this webpage for more info : User Guide (mrc-logistics.com)

Shipping Order Status:

On the Way: Parcel pending to arrive at MRC Logistics Pte Ltd's warehouse.
Arrived: Parcel has arrived to MRC Logistics Pte Ltd warehouse. You can start to delcare the parcels and submit the parcels to ship out (a.k.a creating order)
Pending: Order to be processed by MRC Logistics Pte Ltd employee.
Wait to Weight: Order pending MRC Logistics Pte Ltd employee for weighing and measurement.
Wait for Payment: Order pending for customer to pay.
Wait for Deliver: Pending order to ship out from MRC Logistics Pte Ltd's warehouse.
Delivery Submitted: Goods have been shipped out and are awaiting receipt.
Cancel: Order cancel. Please contact customer service

* Note: If the actual delivery is inconsistent with the product information submitted by the member, for example, the quantity is wrong, you need to inform MRC Logistics Pte Ltd via customer service email (sales@mrc-logistics.com) or whatsapp. The customer service reply as soon as possible.

Parcel Shipment Rules & Regulations

*1.Air Shipment with (Cost of Goods + Freight) > 400SGD will incur 7% GST that is payable to the customs. Will be collected upon delivery.

*2. Value Declaration: To be filled in in RMB by the customer. This info  will be used for customs declaration. We are not responsible for the incorrect declaration by you.

*3.Daigou Risk: If anything happen like item damage or lost, we are not responsible.

*4.If there is any damage on your parcel or any sign of temperament, please check on the spot and inform the delivery man;
Please take photos and send to email:sales@mrc-logistics.com
and call us:88232023 Immediately

*5.Air and Sea Shipment Compensation: If parcel lost or missing, the shipping company will compensate 3x the delivery fee, maximum 100 SGD, whichever is lower.

If it's highly valuable goods, please contact us for buying insurance.

*6.Any issues cause by China Seller (e.g. Taobao, JD, etc), we are not responsible for that. (Cheat, Wrong Color, Quality, damage or Parcel Missing etc.). We do provide inspection service, please refer to the service fee webpage for more info.

*7.Parcel status show received but buyer claim that never receive it. Buyer have to trace where is their parcel. Please understand that there is a risk in buy for me service, whereby goods might not arrive on time.

*8. We are not responsible for any shipping delay causing by public holiday and festival, weather, custom clearance delay, etc..

*9. For Sea Shipping: We only deliver to door on lift level. If stairs climbing is required, there will be additional charge imposed, which is to be collected during delivery.

*10.If customer make order and choose our shipping service, it means customer accept all the rules and regulations above.

Must comply with international Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations

The air Transport network refuses to accept counterfeit, liquid, powder, food, fresh food, medicine, flammable, explosive, corrosive, optical discs, firearms and other IATA restricted items.

If you have counterfeit/imitation goods that need air freight - customers can contact customer service directly for details. If the customer misstates/misstates the type of the goods or uses the wrong shipping method, we will not be responsible for all the costs related to the loss, please be careful to provide the correct information and use the appropriate shipping method.

What are sensitive objects?
Liquids, powders, electronics, batteries, branded goods, counterfeit goods are all sensitive items - need sensitive air transport
The air transport network carries out some small sensitive air transport through other channels, but when it comes to important days in China such as National Day/New Year, customs will check it closely, resulting in slow customs clearance and delivery. Most sensitive goods may not be transported by air, but customers can choose to ship by sea.

*Air Freight Weight Fee Calculation:
If the actual weight > volumetric weight, it will be charged as actual weight, rounded up to the next Kilogram.
If the actual weight < volumetric weight, it will be charged as (Actual Weight + Volumetric Weight/2), rounded up to the next Kilogram.

Volumetric Weight(kg) =  Length(cm)*Width(cm)*Height(cm)/6000

*Example 1:

Good Actual Weight:2.8 Kg
Good Volumetric Weight:25cm x 20cm x 30cm
volumetric weight = (25 x 20 x 30)/6000
= 2.5 kg

Actual Weight is > Volumetric weight. Hence, It will be charged as 3Kg (rounded up to next Kg)

*Example 2:
Good Actual Weight:2 Kg
Good Volumetric Weight:30cm x 45cm x 30cm
volumetric weight = (25 x 20 x 30)/6000
= 6.75 kg

Actual Weight is < Volumetric weight. Hence, It will be charged as (2+6.75)/2 = 5 Kg (rounded up to next Kg)

*Why volumetric weight calculation exist~
Firstly, give an example.
Due to air freight is using air plane, the flight storage only contains limited space one.
If most of us send items like toy and plastic items etc, it takes a lot of space. But the real actual weight is actually very light. That's why the air freight company set the rule for volumetric weight calculation.


Any product which contains liquid will be classified as sensitive goods. Flammable liquid is strictly prohibited.

Commonly Transported Liquids


Magnetic Components

Any product which have magnetic component will be classified as sensitive goods.

Commonly Transported Products with Magnetic Components

Refrigerator magnet


Any product which is operated by battery (cell or conventional) or built-in rechargeable battery is classified as sensitive goods.

Commonly Transported Products with Batteries

Bluetooth product

Branded Goods

Any product, no matter authentic or replica, which brand is under customs export or import control are sensitive goods.

Commonly Transported Branded Goods


Motors & Generators

Any appliance which have motor or generate electricity are sensitive goods.

Commonly Transported Products with Motors or Generators

Electric fan
Hair dryer
Portable generator

Powder, Paste & Granule

Anything which is in powder, paste and granular form are sensitive goods.

Commonly Transported Powder, Paste & Granule

Milk powder
Aquarium soil
Kinetic sand
Paper clay

Skin/Body Products

Anything which apply on skin or contact body is classified as senstive goods.

Commonly Transported Products

Menstrual cup
Sex toys

Integrated Circuits

Any electronic which have integrated circuit (processor, microchip, memory) is classified as sensitive goods.

Commonly Transported Electronics with Integrated Circuit

Mobile phone
Media player
Set-top box
Pendrive / SD card

Religious Goods

Anything religious by definition is sensitive goods. Anything related to satanic cult is prohibited.

Commonly Transported Religious Goods

Religious books
Religious media
Religious clothes
Religious accessories

Food & Medicine

All food (fresh, raw, cooked and processed) and medicine (spray, powder, pill and syrup) are sensitive goods. Perishable and meat products (canned, cooked and processed) are strictly prohibited.

Commonly Transported Food & Medicine

Dry goods
Dried foods
Tea leave

Controlled Goods

The following is the list of controlled goods which require proper authorization (advance notification, licence or certificate approval) from Competent Authorities (CAs) before they may be imported into Singapore. You can click here for the latest updated list.

Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore

Animals, birds and products thereof
Fishes and fishery products (including fin fish, crustaceans and molluscs)
Food items (excluding fresh/chilled vegetables and fruits)
Fruits (fresh/chilled)
Ginseng roots
Meat and meat products of animals and birds
Medicaments, veterinary
Milk powder - skimmed (coloured for animal feed)
Organic fertilizer
Plants with/without soil, flowers and seeds
Tableware and kitchenware of porcelain, china or lead crystal
Timber and wood (CITES listed)
Vegetables (fresh/chilled)

Biosafety Branch, Ministry of Health

Human pathogens

Building and Construction Authority

Sand & granite (essential construction materials)

Central Narcotics Bureau

Poppy seeds (kaskas)
Precursor chemicals

Enterprise Singapore

Rice (excluding rice bran)

Health Sciences Authority

Chinese Proprietary Medicines
Controlled drugs and psychotropic substances
Medical devices
Oral dental gums
Raw materials, laboratory reagents, reference standards and veterinary medicines containing controlled drugs, psychotropic substances and poisons
Therapeutic products

Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore

Cartridges/cassettes/audio compact diskettes - pre-recorded
Films, cinema/video/laser discs
Gramophone records
Tapes, pre-recorded
Toy walkie-talkie

Pollution Control Department, National Environment Agency

Articles of asbestos
Batteries (primary), alkaline, zinc-carbon and mercury oxide
Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
Poisons and hazardous
Surface-active agents, anionic
Waste lead-acid batteries and waste batteries made with lead, cadmium or mercury

Radiation Protection and Nuclear Science Department, National Environment Agency

Irradiating apparatus
Radioactive materials

Singapore Civil Defence Force

Diesel oil/fuel
Flammable materials

Singapore Customs

Rough diamonds
Mastering equipment and replication equipment for CD, CD-ROM, VCD, DVD, DVD-ROM

National Authority, Chemical Weapons Convention (NA, CWC), Singapore Customs

Toxic chemicals and precursors

Police Licensing & Regulatory Department, Singapore Police Force

Fruit/jackpot machines

Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (Arms & Explosives), Singapore Police Force

Arms & explosives
Articles of clothing intended as protection against attack, including bullet-proof vests
Helmets (Steel)
Toy guns/pistols/revolvers

Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (Public Entertainment & Liquor), Singapore Police Force

Amusement machines, coin or disc-operated, including pin-tables, shooting galleries & cinematograph machines

Alternatively, you may click here to find out if the goods are controlled using the description of the goods, Harmonized System (HS) code or CA product code. If the item is subject to control, the name of the CA will be indicated next to its HS code. You may check directly with the respective CAs on their licensing requirements.

Prohibited Goods are materials or items with dangerous and hazardous properties which, if not properly controlled, present a potential hazard to human health and safety, infrastructure and/or their means of transport.

MRC Logisitics Warehouse in China does not have license to handle any of the following dangerous goods. All the dangerous goods will be either rejected, returned or disposed.


Explosives are materials or items which have the ability to rapidly conflagrate or detonate as a consequence of chemical reaction.

Commonly Transported Explosives

Blasting caps / detonators
Explosive charges (blasting, demolition etc)
Detonating cord
Air bag inflators
TNT / TNT compositions
RDX / RDX compositions
PETN / PETN compositions


Gases are defined by dangerous goods regulations as substances which have a vapour pressure of 300 kPa or greater at 50°c or which are completely gaseous at 20°c at standard atmospheric pressure, and items containing these substances. The class encompasses compressed gases, liquefied gases, dissolved gases, refrigerated liquefied gases, mixtures of one or more gases with one or more vapours of substances of other classes, articles charged with a gas and aerosols.

Commonly Transported Explosives

Compressed air
Hydrocarbon gas-powered devices
Fire extinguishers
Gas cartridges
Fertilizer ammoniating solution
Insecticide gases
Refrigerant gases
Acetylene / Oxyacetylene
Carbon dioxide
Helium / helium compounds
Hydrogen / hydrogen compounds
Oxygen / oxygen compounds
Nitrogen / nitrogen compounds
Natural gas
Oil gas
Petroleum gases
Dimethyl ether
Propene / propylene

Flammable Liquids

Flammable liquids are defined by dangerous goods regulations as liquids, mixtures of liquids or liquids containing solids in solution or suspension which give off a flammable vapour (have a flash point) at temperatures of not more than 60-65°C, liquids offered for transport at temperatures at or above their flash point or substances transported at elevated temperatures in a liquid state and which give off a flammable vapour at a temperature at or below the maximum transport temperature.

Commonly Transported Flammable Liquids

Acetone / acetone oils
Paints / lacquers / varnishes
Perfumery products
Gasoline / Petrol
Diesel fuel
Aviation fuel
Liquid bio-fuels
Coal tar / coal tar distillates
Petroleum crude oil
Petroleum distillates
Gas oil
Shale oil
Heating oil
Carbamate insecticides
Organochlorine pesticides
Organophosphorus pesticides
Copper based pesticides
Diethyl ether

Flammable Solids

Flammable solids are materials which, under conditions encountered in transport, are readily combustible or may cause or contribute to fire through friction, self-reactive substances which are liable to undergo a strongly exothermic reaction or solid desensitized explosives. Also included are substances which are liable to spontaneous heating under normal transport conditions, or to heating up in contact with air, and are consequently liable to catch fire and substances which emit flammable gases or become spontaneously flammable when in contact with water.

Commonly Transported Flammable Solids; Spontaneous Combustibles; "Dangerous When Wet" Materials

Alkali metals
Metal powders
Aluminium phosphide
Sodium batteries
Sodium cells
Calcium carbide
Activated carbon
Seed cake
Oily cotton waste
Desensitized explosives
Oily fabrics
Oily fibres
Iron oxide (spent)
Iron sponge/direct-reduced iron (spent)

Oxidizing Substances

Oxidizers are defined by dangerous goods regulations as substances which may cause or contribute to combustion, generally by yielding oxygen as a result of a redox chemical reaction. Organic peroxides are substances which may be considered derivatives of hydrogen peroxide where one or both hydrogen atoms of the chemical structure have been replaced by organic radicals.

Commonly Transported Oxidizers; Organic Peroxides

Chemical oxygen generators
Ammonium nitrate fertilizers
Aluminium nitrate
Ammonium dichromate
Ammonium nitrate
Ammonium persulphate
Calcium hypochlorite
Calcium nitrate
Calcium peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide
Magnesium peroxide
Lead nitrate
Lithium hypochlorite
Potassium chlorate
Potassium nitrate
Potassium perchlorate
Potassium permanganate
Sodium nitrate
Sodium persulphate

Toxic & Infectious Substances

Toxic substances are those which are liable either to cause death or serious injury or to harm human health if swallowed, inhaled or by skin contact. Infectious substances are those which are known or can be reasonably expected to contain pathogens. Dangerous goods regulations define pathogens as microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, rickettsiae, parasites and fungi, or other agents which can cause disease in humans or animals.

Commonly Transported Toxic Substances; Infectious Substances

Medical/Biomedical waste
Clinical waste
Biological cultures / samples / specimens
Medical cultures / samples / specimens
Tear gas substances
Motor fuel anti-knock mixture
Carbamate pesticides
Barium compounds
Arsenics / arsenic compounds
Beryllium/ beryllium compounds
Lead compounds
Mercury compounds
Nicotine / nicotine compounds
Selenium compounds
Ammonium metavanadate

Radioactive Material

Dangerous goods regulations define radioactive material as any material containing radionuclides where both the activity concentration and the total activity exceeds certain pre-defined values. A radionuclide is an atom with an unstable nucleus and which consequently is subject to radioactive decay.

Commonly Transported Radioactive Material

Radioactive ores
Medical isotopes
Density gauges
Mixed fission products
Surface contaminated objects
Caesium radionuclides / isotopes
Iridium radionuclides / isotopes
Americium radionuclides / isotopes
Plutonium radionuclides / isotopes
Radium radionuclides / isotopes
Thorium radionuclides / isotopes
Uranium radionuclides / isotopes
Depleted uranium / depleted uranium products
Uranium hexafluoride
Enriched Uranium


Corrosives are substances which by chemical action degrade or disintegrate other materials upon contact.

Commonly Transported Corrosives

You can transfer money through online banking or into the bank account, and transfer the success of the message, screenshots down, submitted to us or send phone messages.
So far, paypal only supports 4 international cards (VISA, Master, American Express, JCB Card) and some national bank cards worldwide.


Click "forget password" in "Member Login" and retrieve the password as prompted. If you cannot retrieve your password using the above methods, please contact our customer service personnel.

After Sale Service

Product return/exchange process

Step 1: If you need to return or change the product due to quality problems, please send an email to the customer service for refund.
Step 2: After receiving your application, the customer service will communicate with the domestic seller. When it is confirmed that they have accepted the exchange, the purchase on be half customer service will contact you via email with the details of the exchange.
Step 3: After understanding the details of the return letter, please send the relevant items (commodity + original purchase voucher + original packaging + copy of the return review result email sent to you by purchase on be half website) to purchase on be half as soon as possible.
Please note:
For the returned goods, please be sure to return the goods to the purchase on be half within the period promised by the merchant. At the same time, since it takes quite a long time for an international return or exchange (usually more than one month), please wait patiently during the return or exchange process, and purchase on be half will inform you of the progress of the return or exchange in time.

Purchase on be half network is committed to eliminating all your international online shopping worries.

In order to ensure your shopping convenience and safety, you have corresponding standards in every process of shopping, including return and replacement of goods.

A. Delivery error, defective goods or damaged goods
When the above problems occur in the goods you receive, please take photos of the goods and the outer package together and send digital photos and related description to the customer service email: sales@mrc-logistics.com. We will give you a reply after processing.

B. There is a quality problem with the goods
When the commodity that you buy appears quality problem after using period of time, should this commodity still be in quality assure period only, and have original purchase proof and commodity quality assure card, you can entrust us and domestic businessman contact deal with return/change goods.

MRC Logistics Pte Ltd will be responsible for shipping the goods that meet the return/exchange conditions to the domestic merchants, and the repaired or replaced goods will be shipped back to you. Because each seller/manufacturer has its unique principles and ways to deal with commodity quality problems (as indicated in the commodity quality guarantee card shall prevail), we cannot guarantee that the manufacturer can fully meet your requirements, but we will try our best to strive for your interests and make you satisfied.

We provide this agency service without any service charge, but you need to bear the freight of goods back and forth. We reserve the right to refuse this service for products that do not meet the quality assurance conditions.

Our recommended domestic merchants are trustworthy and we promise 100% return and exchange within 30 days (from shipment date until we receive your returned item, subject to postmark).
Under any of the following circumstances, we will not accept the goods you requested to return or replace:
A. Goods are exchanged, their original appearance is changed, or parts are lost;
B. Unsealed goods, such as software packages, CDS, DVDS, cassette tapes, etc.
C. Goods without original proof of purchase.
Special reminder: you should be careful when shopping on eachnet, Taobao and other such websites, because there are many illegal business activities, if there are any, we can not arrange for you to return or exchange goods.